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Why do I like this breed so much?

A couple years ago I got a Boston terrier with my then boyfriend. When we broke up, he got the dog. I started the application process with the Boston Terrier rescue for Seattle, but after meeting a couple of adoptees, I realized that no other Boston would ever measure up to the dog I had to give up. Yet I still want a canine companion, so I have chosen a similar looking breed called the French bulldog to hopefully adopt.

Why are these dogs so cool?

French bulldogLike the Boston terrier, they are very affectionate, playful, sweet & comedy prone. But unlike the Boston terrier, which can be very high energy and require lot of playing, the Frenchie is more laid back and is just content to lounge in their owners lap. They do need walks daily, but chances are, you won’t find a French Bulldog chasing you around the house trying to get you to throw his tennis ball.

What makes a bulldog French?

Frenchies come in a variety colors, but their shape is pretty standard. They are rarely more then 35 lbs, with bat-like ears, a flat face, nubby tails & a good stout body with short legs. My understanding is that French Bulldogs are descendant from English Bulldogs and if you trace further back, the formidable Mastiff!!